Thursday, May 1, 2014

Accessing Accessibility

A Workshop on Touch Tours & Audio Description in Chicago Storefront Theatre

Join Us May 4!
Jackalope Theatre invites company member Elana Boulos and Steppenwolf Theatre's Director of Audience Experience, Evan Hatfield, for a short and sweet Seminar on Touch Tours and Audio Description, and how Chicago Storefront Theatres can improve their accessibility for people who are blind or have low vision.

What is a Touch Tour?
A Touch Tour is a scheduled program preceding a performance, where patrons who are blind or have low vision participate in an artistic conversation, experience a detailed description of the set, actors, props, and costumes, and have the opportunity to walk on the set and take a "touch tour" guided by a sighted companion.

What is Audio Description?
Audio Description is the real-time narration of crucial physical action and elements in a live performance, delivered into a microphone that is transmitted via FM signal to headsets worn by patrons using the service.

Why is this important? Over the past five years, accessibility initiatives in Chicago have helped develop wider audiences for theatrical productions. Steppenwolf Theatre Company and Evan Hatfield have been pioneers in making sure that anyone who wants to come to a play can. Steppenwolf offers services such as ASL Interpretation, Open Captioning, Touch Tours and Audio Description.

Elana has been working at Steppenwolf as the Touch Tour Coordinator for the past four years and has helped Evan to establish their format for presenting Touch Tours and Audio Descriptions. Jackalope Theatre is passionate about striving to help other Storefronts in Chicago learn about how to offer accessibility accommodations for audience members who are blind or have low vision.

Join us for a casual dialogue between Evan and Elana that walks you through Touch Tour basics and provides you with simple ways to implement accessibility programming in your own theater.

It's Free! RSVP to 

When: Sunday, May 4th 6:00 PM
Where: The Frontier 1106 W Thorndale Chicago, IL 60660

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