Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stockyards Theatre Project Play for Keeps Writing Workshop

There will be a kick off event on April 7 at 7:30 in Unity Lutheran (1212 W. Balmoral), which is where we held last years workshop. The purpose of this is to get new people interested in the workshop and to announce our new location and dates of the workshop at the Public House Theatre
SUNDAYS - April 27, May 4, 18, June 1, 15, & 22
TIME - 4-6PM.
READING DATE AND TIME: There will be a staged reading at The Public House of the works created during the workshop which is open to the public with a $7 price tag. Depending on the size of the workshop therefore the amount of material to be presented we could run over 4 nights. But at this point I don't believe those dates have been chosen but we are looking at mid to late July.
RUN TIME: The workshop will last for two hours
AGE LIMIT: No age limit
TICKET PRICE: Participation in the workshop is $25
WORKSHOP SYNOPSIS: Launched in 2006, Stockyards Theatre Projects’ Play for Keeps was created to assist female actors in creating material for themselves rather than being at the mercy of the lack of roles for women. The program has grown over the years including continued participants who return to refine their projects; seasoned writers whose work has gone on to be performed all over the country and win awards; male writers who would like to expand their creative vision and write material for a sorely under represented group. Play for Keeps continues to fulfill the Stockyards mission to give volume to the voices of women by creating positive, substantial roles in plays for women performers.
GROUP HOOK: The mission statement of Stockyards Theatre Project is "Giving volume to the voices of women"
GROUP BIOGRAPHY: Stockyards Theatre Project began in 1999 and over the years we have produced a number of world premieres as well as assisted writers in developing new projects. Our works have ranged from comedies to dramatic works and original musicals. One of the cornerstone elements of the company is our workshop program called Play for Keeps. One of the projects that spent a season in Play for Keeps went on to a full production off Broadway. In 2011 “Conversations with Myself’ was presented at The University of Chicago's Theater and Performance Studies Program and was developed from three one-act plays created in Play for Keep. The company is working on a full production of this piece in the near future. Stockyards is truly excited to present Play for Keep for the first time at the Public House Theatre and hopes to have the opportunity to call this home in the future.

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