Friday, November 1, 2013

Chicago Satellite Party for the National Convening of Latino Theatre on Nov 2nd

Brief Overview:
From October 31-November 2nd, HowlRound, in partnership with the Latina/o Theatre Commons will host the largest formal gathering of Latina/o theater-makers since 1986 at Emerson College. This national gathering will be livestreamed on HowlRound TV at For the full streaming schedule, review the program here. In addition to web streaming the convening, the Latina/o Theatre Commons has organized five satellite sites in cities around the country: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. These satellite sites will gather Latina/o theater-makers from their community to videoconference via Skype to watch the Plenary session Saturday morning, and for a special convening session on Saturday, November 2nd from 12:45pm-2:00pm EDT. This session will feature reports from each region about the ongoing Latina/o theater initiatives as well as cross country conversation.

Where: The Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60601-- conference room.
When: Saturday, November 2nd 10am-2pm CDT
Questions?: Contact Sindy Castro via email at
Note: After the virtual session, participants will continue the local conversation that afternoon. Bagels & coffee provided.

To Register for your participation in this exciting event:
1. Please fill out the following survey:
2. Sindy Castro ( will follow up with a confirmation email to let you know you have been RSVP’D
3. You can also send her an email inquiry first, but she will still ask you to fill out the form/survey
4. Once you do this you will receive an email with even more details about the event
Please Note:
We encourage anyone in the Midwest interested in Latina/o theatre in Chicago /The Midwest and nationally to fill out the survey. We understand that space constraints, distance and schedules may not allow everyone interested to attend, but by filling out the survey, you are not only contributing to a greater understanding of the state of Latina/o Theatre in Chicago and the Midwest, you are also placing yourself on the mailing list to receive more information about the Boston Convening and any future Cafe Onda related Midwest Latina/o Theatre Events in Chicago. Teatro Luna and partner organizations will be hosting a follow up event in December to continue the conversation, so stay tuned for details!

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