Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Poem

Back in olden times I did my first two years of college at a place called Hartford College for Women, there was a professor there named Oliver Butterworth who wrote the children’s book The Enormous Egg. Anyway every year he would compose a rhyming valentine to the college and place it in the valentines section of the newspaper (what happened to those, I loved reading them, are they on line somewhere?). Anyway, I wrote you a poem.

You are thrilling
Sometimes you are chilling
And sometimes you rhyme
But not all the time
I like drama
And we got Obama
I could name ALL the names
Of the ones I like best
They are here on the plains
And not in the West
I do not need a heater
When I see Chicago Theatre
I’m all warm and fuzzy
Not cause I drank sudsies
But because I love you
You wonderful crew
I couldn’t have it better
Except for the weather
You guys rock!



Meg McCarthy said...

Love you, Deb! Thanks for the poem.

Richard Engling said...

Ha, ha. That's great. More Poems!