Thursday, January 10, 2013


I have been reading a lot of predictions and resolutions and such for the new year and while Polly Carl’s piece on Howl Round was excellent I am struck by how little imagination many of us are showing in our thoughts on theatre in 2013. I have been seeing the same old questions how are we going to sell more tickets and how are we going to raise more money.

Naturally those questions need to be asked but it’s like making that New Year’s Resolution to lose weight – it’s always there and it’s not going to change unless you actually change your life and your thinking around what you do and why. I think the same applies to our work. I think at the League we need to start asking questions that have different answers. Maybe we need to look at the answers we want and formulate the question. Is that crazy? Maybe we need to look at ourselves through a more aspirational lens and say we are…and chart our course through the year that way.

We get so bogged down in getting through the day to day and asking those same old questions – where are we going to get more money or why aren’t we getting more money. That certainly isn’t why I signed up and I’m sure not you either. What is the question we want to answer this year, or maybe what are the answers. Even better, what are the answers we want to question! A couple of years ago TCG did that What if… project. Besides the money what if we all had one what if question or answer or aspiration that guided us through the year (even if we come up with it on January 10).


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