Thursday, December 6, 2012

Super Cool

We are doing this Storefront Playwright Project and it is so cool. I love it – every day at Hot Tix there is a playwright in the window writing, in real time, so to speak, a new play. There is a screen that faces out to the street that shows what is on the playwright’s monitor. We copied it directly from the same sort of project in New York. We conceived it as a way for the random person walking down Randolph Street to be introduced to a playwright and to the playwriting process. We have signage in the window announcing the project and additional information about the project, the playwrights, etc. inside Hot Tix.

What makes it so cool – well first of all, people are stopping and looking and reading. The more people that are standing there the more stop and look. I guess I’m so in love with it because it is a way into the process for the average guy who might not be a theatre goer and because it’s more information for a regular theatre goer who’s going into Hot Tix and its fun for the playwrights and its super fun for the Hot Tix staff. Also, there are connections being made all the way around.

I wrote in my notes in a meeting earlier this week – Playwright in a Window – more like that. I’d be interested to hear what other people think of the project and if anyone has ideas for other things like it.



Unknown said...

Wow, that is cool, perhaps a bit unnerving for your average writer but really exciting for theatre.

Vinnie said...

This IS super cool, Deb. Congrats on executing this awesome project. Love it


Shera Street said...

What a fantastic idea and an interesting way to look at interactive public art experience as inspiration for writers and observers. It's like a theatre-making art installation. Love it!