Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Miss Out!

It's back. Theater Wit is hosting the third annual Chicago Theater Conference August 3rd through 5th. Somewhat non-traditionally, the entire weekend is structured to maximize conversation and exploration more than presentation. Sessions are 50 minutes long (1:50 for panel discussions), with the speaker presentation limited to 12 minutes. The balance is reserved for group discussion, Q/A, etc. In addition, they'll be offering time for everyone to gather for food and some evening parties at various venues throughout the weekend.

This year, our community will be focusing on THE FUUUUTURREE! Particularly, we are interested in new experiments and models. ie, how is your organization adapting to change? What new experiments have you been running or are considering trying? What's worked? What hasn't? We're interested in the experience of organizations large and small, as well as individual artist takes on what it takes to create and maintain art and artists in today's culture.

Registration is limited to 250. You can register for the entire weekend for $45 in advance or $75 at the door.. The registration fee includes lunch both days, and our catered evening parties, including the kickoff party on the 3rd. We will be posting the schedule of presenters as they come in, but it'll be chock full o' goodness, we promise.

Interested in presenting? Contact Jeremy Wechsler, with your discussion idea.

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