Thursday, April 12, 2012

On Advocacy

I am going to Arts Advocacy Day in Washington next week. I wrote about it after I got back last year. I was really happy I went – we get to sit down with congresspeople and/or their staffers and talk about issues of policy and budget that matter to us. They actually listen and respond. I learned a lot last year about advocacy. Typical issues concern funding for the NEA, visas for foreign artists, funding for Arts Education, the usual. I’m wondering if there is anything anyone would like me to bring up in these meetings. While I’m certain that most of you are equally concerned with the above issues, are there any in particular that you would like to see emphasized? Have you heard any new ways of talking about the arts that might grab people’s attention?

While we are talking about advocacy, have you signed the petition supporting a robust and important cultural plan for Chicago? Yesterday we passed our goal of 3000 signatures by May 8! Sign today and help us get to the new goal of 5,000, I bet we can even do that one by May 8. And please re-post the request for your friends, audiences and supporters to sign.


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