Thursday, November 17, 2011

Promotional Opportunity--What's New in 2012?

The Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture (COTC) continually reaches out to the media on behalf of Chicago's cultural and community partners and in a few short weeks they will be issuing a release on What's New in 2012.

With this annual release we attract regional, national and international media attention to Chicago that invigorates our thriving $11 billion tourism industry. You are invited to share, by Monday, November 28, the highlights of your 2012 cultural calendar.

This includes:
New Destinations opening in 2012 (museums, theaters, restaurants, hotels)
Major Anniversaries in 2012
World Premieres & Openings (performances, long-running exhibits)
Notable Residencies/Partnerships beginning in 2012 (Guest conductors, profiled chefs, award-winning theater/dance directors)

To submit your attraction/event/tour for consideration, please email the name, dates, address, and a 75-word max. description by Monday, November 28.

To review a list of ways in which you can collaborate with the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture, visit the Toolkit for Community and Cultural Partners.

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