Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grant Opportunity - Chicago Community Trust

Deadline for Letter of Inquiry is March 15,2011

A new Artistic and Cultural Diversity Initiative invites arts organizations and/or presenting venues of all sizes to apply individually or as a collaboration. Collaborators are encouraged to work together to submit complementary proposals requesting separate grants to support the clearly defined role of each partner. All projects should aim to achieve the following goals:

• Showcase the talents of diverse and culturally specific artists;
• Perform/exhibit/conduct programs in arts venues that are located in areas of Cook County that are culturally underserved;
• Perform/exhibit/conduct programs in public venues (such as libraries, parks, community colleges) that are located in areas of Cook County that are culturally underserved;
• Plan and implement projects with meaningful involvement by leaders/collaborators from the target community or audience;
• Ensure affordability and accessibility for the target community or audience;
• Include an effective means of tracking market penetration and participant response;
• Include well-defined strategies for building on or sustaining the collaboration, cross-promotion, or presence within the target market or community;
• Increase the Trust’s visibility within the target community.

Grants will be made through a competitive process that will select projects/productions by different organizations each year. It is not designed to support the same organization for multiple consecutive years.

One of the most significant outcomes of the Arts Engagement Exchange, a 4-year collaboration with the Wallace foundation, has been the realization that broadening and diversifying audiences depends less on ceaseless and creative marketing than on the relevance and authenticity of the artistic product, as well as its accessibility. Artistic collaborations have demonstrated the most measurable success in creating productions that are likely to resonate with a broader audience, and the Trust has recently funded a series of sessions on how to structure and nurture such collaborations, in partnership with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

Guidelines can be found online.

Two informational sessions are planned to outline the goals of this grantmaking program and to answer specific questions:

Monday, Feb 14th – 2:00pm – 4:00pm
eta Creative Arts Center
7558 S. South Chicago Avenue

Wednesday, Feb. 16th – 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Better Boys Foundation
1512 S. Pulaski

If you plan to attend either session, please RSVP to arts@cct.org.

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