Thursday, October 28, 2010

IL Cultural Data Project Orientation Webinars

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New User Orientation
We recommend a New User Orientation if your organization is new to the CDP or if you need a refresher on data entry. This training session will provide an overview of the history and goals of the Illinois CDP as well as an introduction to the types of data collected. The New User Orientation will walk participants through the process of entering data, applying to participating funders and generating reports. Please feel free to attend with additional staff and board members.

Reports Orientation
The Reports Orientation will give an overview of the available reports and is most useful for organizations that have already completed a Data Profile and are ready to use the reports. Now that more than 1000+ arts and cultural organizations are participating in the Illinois Cultural Data Project, you are able to run reports comparing your organization against others throughout Illinois, as well as California, Massachusetts, Maryland , New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania!
Why use comparison reports?

Looking to cut costs? Want to prove that you need more staff? Need a quick report on fundraising for your board meeting? These reports will help you make operational decisions, build the case for support and facilitate long-term planning. To protect your organization's privacy, all the data used in the reports will be in aggregate and will never include organization names.

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You can participate in this WEB-BASED CDP Orientation session from your home or office computer. Once registered and one day prior to the training session, you will be sent a link to connect to this training session online. During the online session, the CDP associate will conduct the CDP New User Orientation, during which you will be able to ask questions and learn more about the CDP.

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