Thursday, June 24, 2010

TCG National Conference Wrap Up

I was incredibly proud to be a part of this community last week when the TCG conference came to town. Our goals as hosts were to make sure that no one left the conference without understanding the depth and breadth of our community, for as many of our community wanted to participate that there were opportunities for all, and, of course to insure that everyone had a rockin’ good time. We had an amazing host committee and I think both of those goals were achieved.

I can only say anecdotally what a good time everyone had – I heard it constantly throughout the conference and I continue to hear it through emails. 260 people from 64 Chicago companies were delegates to the conference. An astonishing 54 of the presenters were artists and administrators from Chicago. There were 64 volunteers including students, interns and theatre professionals, pop-up performances consisted of 70 performers from 17 companies doing 29 performances. 15 Chicago designers were represented in the exhibition hall. Awesome.


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Tony Adams said...

Awesome indeed. You did a great job (as well as the TCG folks)