Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blog It Baby

If you had a blog, what would you blog about? Each week we sit around the office talking about a blog post – we could just write whatever comes to mind, that would be fun, but we can’t. We can’t do anything too controversial and when we do anything the least bit controversial we have to think about what the repercussions will be and does the topic outweigh those repercussions. If we’re angry we have to be much more measured than we really are. We think of much hilariousness that unfortunately just isn’t appropriate. That’s right, I’m blogging about blogging, but I do have a point. When we launch our new website in July, first of all, it is going to be awesome, second it is going to create an on-line community of theatre lovers and ta-dah…we are going to have guest bloggers every week on the home page. Blogging about theatre stuff, but not stuff we always blog about, not “issues.” This will be a blog for the theatre fan, so blogging about favorite theatrical experiences, what it means to you to run a theatre, why it’s important to you, and so on, want to be a guest blogger? Email


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