Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Template for Future Collaboration

I am very excited about the launch of This website, created by Remy Bumppo, Court Theatre and TimeLine and sponsored by the League was the brainchild of the three theatres that discovered they were all doing Fugard shows this season. It is a superb example of ways in which we can collaborate. Check it out here

The best thing about this website is that we can use the basic site for other collaborations, so…if you and a couple other theatres want to do something like this or if there is some other way in which you feel your patrons would benefit from seeing a number of different shows in a season, you can use this site to promote that. If you would like to sell collaborative subscriptions, you can use the site to do that. All kinds of good stuff can happen.

The original three theatres will be using the site this season, but if you have something for the summer or for next season that you think would work well, let us know.


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