Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fugard Collaboration

Court Theatre, Remy Bumppo and TimeLine Theatre have been hard at work the last few months collaborating on a project called Fugard Chicago 2010. Each company is coincidently producing a play by the playwright Athol Fugard this season and so they began having conversations about how they could work together. They just launched the website this week at In addition to providing some information on Fugard and each of their plays, they are offering a three play pass to see all of their shows. The League provided some support for the website so that it can be available as a template for future collaborations. Check it out and if you and some other companies are interested in working together in a similar way please contact us for more details. We hope that this model can help foster valuable conversations and partnerships, and help you reach new audiences and create greater awareness of your work.

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Joette waters said...

I can`t wait to see these plays.
I did "Statements After an Arrest" at the Body Politic Theater here in Chicago Directed by the great James O Reilly. My best to you,
Joette Waters